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Drinking From Human Skulls is the show where host Doni takes on the world’s most powerful institutions. Hint: they’ve been lying to us. Drinking From Human Skulls puts the news media, corporations, and politicians under a microscope. Spoiler alert – it gets ugly.

Culture, and politics, and disinformation – oh my! Nobody is safe: the mainstream media, big business, right-wing loonies, and left-wing sillies. Join Doni as he reveals the truth behind the world’s most troubling issues – non-partisan style.

Note: In the event that facts no longer matter, please contact the host so he may properly align with our new overlords. Until then – no tribalism, no ideologies, no political parties, no dog whistles, and no teams. Everyone deserves the facts.

Part documentary, part historical record, each episode of Drinking From Human Skulls serves up a truth sandwich with a dash of comedy and a sprinkling of satire.

drinking from human skulls podcast

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Who’s Doni?

Hey folks – I’m Doni: podcaster, musician, comedian, writer, and marketing slave from Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve dabbled in the dark arts long enough to know that the truth is often not what it seems. Using PR as a weapon, spin-masters work to promote corporate interest, political will, foreign investments, and public influence. One thing is for certain: it ain’t good.

If the world descends into nuclear chaos, I’d be kicking myself for not doing more. Thus, this podcast.

I care very much about justice. It probably began when I was 6-years-old… I caught another kid peeing in the McDonald’s playground. I told the attendant, he didn’t listen, and I learned right then and there that the authorities don’t always have your back.

The world is getting a little twisted. It’s my job to help unravel it.