The Covid-19 Lab Leak Cover Up

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After a longer hiatus than I’d like to admit, I’m back with an episode on the evolving (pun intended) story that is the Covid-19 lab leak cover-up. All your favorite players are here! Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci, and many more. The evidence all seems to point to a cover-up of a lab leak in Wuhan, China. Yet several of the key parties involved continue to deny, deny, and deny again.

At the very least we have a cover-up. The exact truth of the origins of Covid-19 is a little more difficult to pinpoint. As we’ll discuss, many organizations and governments are involved. China had agents working and sending viral samples from Canada’s only level 4 viral research lab. Dr. Fauci funded a group called Ecohealth Alliance, which in turn funded conspicuous research conducted in Wuhan, China.

Can we agree on this: SEEMS ODD DON’T IT? Truth is stranger than fiction these days, and this story does not disappoint.

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