The So-Called Covid Experts Have Failed

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In January 2022, Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies with 100 or more employees landed in the supreme court of America. A lot was said during their public deliberations, but some statements were so abjectly false that the public demanded answers. In particular, Judge Sotomayor claimed that “thousands of children” were sick with Covid, also stating that many of them were on ventilators.

When CDC director Rochelle Walensky was questioned during a Fox News segment, even she couldn’t explain where the judge procured their stats. Did she imagine them? Did she assume them to be real based on the general state of hysteria pushed forward by the Covid regime? Whatever it was, the answers provided by the CDC director prove one thing: the top scientists are woefully inadequate.

In this episode, I’ll dissect the Fox News interview and explain why the “so-called” experts have failed to protect public health – no matter how you slice it. We’ll also look at senate testimony where Walensky and Faucci team up to dish a little medical disinformation of their own, not to be outdone of course! Then I’ll wrap up with a warning from the late Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, Nobel prize winner, and staunch detractor of Fauci.

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