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This is my origin story. The year 2020 has been the most interesting, tragic, funny, insane, and wild year on record. Listen to this episode if you want to know where I’m coming from. In this episode, I’ll quickly set my position on tribalism, social media, censorship, the mainstream media, big tech, conspiracy theories, and every other thorn in the side of humanity.
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Episode Transcript

Origin Story

Hello everyone. And welcome to the first episode of Drinking From Human Skulls, a professional podcast. I am your host Doni Cordoni. And here we are. 2020 has been officially the wildest year on record in a very long time. It has been so wild that I think I’ve got a podcast it.

But for those of you who are really following me, you might think, “Oh, I thought you already did this podcast, Drinking From Human Skulls and you just dropped it off the face of the earth.”

Well, that’s true. You see, I used to live in Taiwan and that’s where I did this podcast. It was kind of involved with a comedy scene there, standup comedy, and did a podcast with some really great folks. You know, had them on as guests and stuff like that… had a studio there.

But I had to move back to my home, my native Vancouver, Canada, and be on hiatus for a couple of years there. And I’m back.

Like I said, 2020, did I say that yet? Well, I’ll say it now. 2020 has been a wild year. You know, in Canada, we’ve got a bit of a social safety net.

And a lot of people in the States, which is the biggest economy in the world have just been knocked off their entire track. I mean it’s wild in terms of a social safety net, I don’t think there is one, there’s no healthcare system.

And if you’ve lost your job I think you got one check last year, which basically sucks. I just don’t see how it can continue this way. So my angle is let’s get some podcasts out there. Let’s see if we can grow this thing and let’s get people thinking, because honestly, we need to be thinking we need to be on the same page, basically.

And that’s one of the main things we’ll be talking about in this podcast is how no one is on the same page, everyone’s divided, and I think we have to parse what’s going on and really figure it out because if we don’t we’re gonna end up killing each other.

⚔️ Tribalism ain’t no good.

So look, here’s the deal. One of the things that that just gets my goat: it’s tribalism. Everyone is on a team. Actually, I’ve noticed this my entire life. I’ve never really wanted to be on a team. You know, I played sports and stuff like that, but I’ve never been like, Oh my God, “this is how I identify.”

In fact, I’m from Canada. I don’t even know what that means. You know, what does it mean to be Canadian? I don’t know. I noticed that in America, people are very proud to be American.  And I think that. It gets a little twisted. If your values are all kind of tied up with being on a team.

Now, I guess, evolutionarily, there’s good stuff there. If you’re on a team you can kind of like you know, band together like the Amish and build a house. But the other flip side of that is you have these endless Twitter Wars and people just wanna knock each other’s heads off. And that ain’t good.

⚖️ Social justice warriors…

So tribalism, what else? I think kind of extending for that. We have social justice and virtue signaling totally misguided I mean, how many stories are there of people who say one thing, put one thing onto their Instagram or their Twitter or whatever… and then, in reality, they’re actually scumbags behind the scenes.

There’s endless fodder in this realm. What I’m saying is there are people who are masquerading as what they’re not. I think that people now more than ever are unable to discern fact from fiction. People are losing their ability to think critically.

📰 The mainstream media.

So here’s one of the things that it’s getting me really hot and bothered… and that is the disinformation in the media. You know, obviously, Donald Trump is a buffoon game show host. You know, he had this whole birther conspiracy with Obama and he makes some pretty outlandish claims… he’s a caricature…

And he won the 2016 election. I remember his face when he was giving his acceptance speech. He was shocked as anyone else, he didn’t think he’d win. Obviously, no one else thought he would win but he did.

And the thing is it just certainly seems like since Donald Trump won the election, he has been under attack from every corner of the media.

They want him to fail, even if it means everyone else is going to suffer. They kept on trying to pin him as a racist and this whole thing about how he colluded with the Russians, it’s been proven to be false.

💸 Follow the money…

I don’t know. It’s just interesting that we’re in this space. And another thing that we’re going to get into here is “follow the money”. COVID-19 Coronavirus is wreaking havoc, so it would seem, on the population. Now I’m not a loony conspiracy theorist, but I just think that you shouldn’t shut down the world’s economy for a virus that lets 99% of the people who get it survive.

And then there is all sorts of weirdness with these tests, these PCR tests that have been proven to not work… follow the money…

They’re putting out this vaccine – Pfizer’s putting out this vaccine. Follow the money. Pfizer, a company that has been fined billions of dollars for illicit dealings for basically convincing doctors to sell medications for off-label uses that are very dangerous.

And look, when I was in Taiwan, I worked for pharmaceutical companies. I infiltrated them as a consultant and I found out some real dirty dealings, like for example if you’re a product manager you work with the PR team to put together news stories.

So let’s just take vaccines, as an example. The flu vaccine is a product. And in Taiwan, when I was there, I’d work with people who, what they would do, is they’d create press releases, “Oh, the flu is going to be super bad this year. Oh, better get your vaccine. The government’s already purchased X number of vaccines and you can go get it for free.”

So look, Pfizer is just doing the same thing except with coronavirus and it’s on steroids because hysteria is at an all-time high. They’re getting this expensive vaccine developed, it was fully funded. The purchase of the vaccine is fully funded. It’s going to be going to people who are in nursing homes as a first priority.

So I think the reason they’re vaccinating people in nursing homes first is that they want to extrapolate money from that population before they die. Let it sink in, follow the money. So we’re going to talk about the money a little bit.

🔫 War ain’t no good.

You know it sounds like a lot of doom and gloom, but the goal is to make it better. The goal is to get a conversation going, you know, right now, perhaps this is the worst thing, there are several wars going on in the Middle East.

It started with Iraq and Afghanistan in the early two-thousands, and they’re still there and they created ISIS because obviously if you kill a 10-year-old’s entire family and leave them homeless and very confused about the world…

They’re going to be scooped up by a bunch of people who are also angry and confused. And of course, righteously, want to defend themselves in their own territory. So, there are people who are dying every day. Millions of people died in Iraq as a result of this phony war. And it’s kind of coming full circle.

I remember when this started happening, they’re talking about weapons of mass destruction. I think it was Hans Blix you know, went in and he said, “Hey, there’s no weapons of mass destruction.” And they sorta just flipped that narrative in the news media and just kind of went with it.

And all of a sudden they’re invading Iraq. And that was when I was quite young and still not really sure of what’s going on in the world as well as I am now. But here they are now, again, kind of spinning false narratives and now they don’t even talk about these wars that they’re doing.

So we’re going to talk about war a little bit just to hopefully shed some light on it. I just don’t think it’s talked about enough at all.

🤪 Loony conspiracy theories…

So that’s a big deal and we’re going to get into as well, loony conspiracy theories. Like super loony ones. I’m talking flat earth. I’m talking chemtrails.

Just stuff that you would never come up with unless you went down some clickbait rabbit holes. And so I want to get into the psychology of these loony conspiracy theories a little bit, which seems to exist on the right.

👋 Let the conversation begin

And so in many respects, I think all of these concepts are interwoven. What I’m going to do is I’m going to hopefully be able to dig into one or maybe a few different topics every week and hopefully over time it gets some pretty cool guests on.

Let loose with any criticism you have. I welcome it. You have no idea how much I welcome it. Prove me wrong: anytime on any topic, no holds barred, please. This is the only way forward.

My goal is to take information in and parse it and think very hard about it and put it into this podcast so that maybe I can help people to arrive at conclusions that make a lot more sense and help them navigate the world in a much more concise way, which will eventually benefit us all.

So that’s pretty much it for this episode. I’m really just an origin story, who I am, what I’m all about, what I’m trying to get into the world. So I just got a lot of information coming into this noggin and I want to parse it, put it together, get it to you as fast as possible. I’m going to start with one episode per week. Hopefully, that evolves. Anyway, thank you so much for listening.

I want to connect with people who are perhaps thinking on a similar line as me, get a conversation going… I don’t even know what kind of genre this is. I guess it’s news. I guess it’s politics, I guess it’s philosophy. But it’s just a way for the conversation to evolve.

And there’s a lot of good, pure-hearted people, who, perhaps armed with the right information could actually really put that to work. People who have the energy to do things that are remarkable. So if I can inspire those people then fantastic. I’ll leave it there. Thanks for coming by. See ya.

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