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Do you have questions about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine? If so, congratulations – you are not a robot. We are witnessing a public relations stunt that puts money first and your health second. Want to be a vaccine guinea pig? Listen to this first.

In this episode of DFHS, I’ll clip several experts who are united by one common goal: they want to warn you against this experimental technology. The first thing they’ll tell you? The Covid vaccine actually isn’t a vaccine at all. This is not a conspiracy. Join me won’t you?

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Episode Transcript

✌️ Trust The Science #3

Hello, everyone. Welcome. Once again, to another episode of drinking from human schools, my name is Doni Cordoni. I’ll be your host again, once again, for this episode… and we’re back. And we’re going to talk again about trusting the science – this time. It’s the vaccine edition and you should for sure trust the vaccine…

Because it definitely doesn’t have a giant pharmaceutical PR machine behind it. Oh no, no, no, no, no. Everything you hear about the vaccine is a hundred percent unfiltered truth, science, facts, straight from the doctors and scientists. Well, nobody wishes that was true more than me, but it sure as heck ain’t.

And as it turns out, there’s a lot of disinformation and misdirection going on, and listen, I get it. You want the vaccine to work. You want the vaccine to solve your problems. You want life to return to normal again, but hold on. At what cost? You know, there’s a lot of stuff we have to wonder about and we have to keep in mind that the pharmaceutical business is for profit.

The big pharma PR machine is a well-oiled one at that. And it’s really cranking it into high gear. But think about it for a second folks, follow the money. Why wouldn’t they be cranking into high gear? A pharmaceutical company is after all a company and its goal is to make money. Of course, everybody wants to do their very best.

Every sales agent wants to sell as much as possible. Every marketing person, every PR person wants to show that they can create results to further their own careers. And if you think that thousands of employees worldwide are going to miss an opportunity to capitalize on this COVID-19 craze. Why wouldn’t they?

💉 It’s not a vaccine

This is where pharmaceutical companies make the most money when nobody has any other choice, but to trust in their products. Today the product we’re going to be focusing on is the COVID-19 quote-unquote vaccine. And I say, quote-unquote, because a lot of people, including Dr. David Martin… who’s going to talk about how this isn’t actually a vaccine at all, by definition.

In fact, by legal definition. It is a technology. So I’m not going to try and rephrase this guy. He’s obviously far beyond my capabilities. So let’s have a listen to Dr. David Martin set the stage for what this COVID vaccine really is. Take a drink, folks:

Doni reacts to David Martin and Judy Mikovits:

Editor’s note: I’ve been doing some research into David Martin. He’s a PhD, not a medical doctor. I don’t think he claimed to be, but I agree there is a perception that people have when the title of “Dr.” is used. His company, M-Cam, is into some interesting stuff that I cannot pretend to understand. They seem to deal in data and investments surrounding that data… I’m far too dumb to get it, so I would like to talk to him myself to learn more. Despite these current unknowns, I feel that everything he lays out clearly in this video clip seems rational and worth considering.

Good googly moogly! He’s really laying it down this guy. And he sounds like he makes a lot of sense. So why haven’t we heard this perspective before? Actually, he continues, but I wanted to interject here to really emphasize one point.

What he said was if you make this thing a vaccine instead of a therapy, then you can put people in loony toony camps. You can call them anti-vaxxers, for example, if they have any questions. And they’ve done that. We’ve seen it. They’ve been doing it a lot, but in this case, it ain’t a vaccine, but let’s continue listening to Dr. David Martin….

…Let me just emphasize another thing. He says if we suggested giving people prophylactic cancer treatment for “the cancer they don’t have”, you’d be laughed out of a room.

That’s what this is. This quote-unquote vaccine is a treatment, a prophylactic treatment that we may or may not need. If you aren’t exposed to COVID, then you will never have needed this vaccine. So why are we giving it to everyone? It doesn’t stop transmission.

So then it serves no purpose especially if you believe the science on these other medications like ivermectin,  hydroxychloroquine, and if you’ve listened to my other episodes on the COVID 19 pandemic, then you would know that as well. And of course, it’s not only me talking about it, it’s a lot of people, but let’s get back to Dr. David Martin because he’s got a lot more to say, wow…

…So by the way, before we continue this is a conversation from a podcaster guy, named Sasha Stone. And the event is called Focus on Fauci.

And we’ll be getting into a little bit more on Fauci as well, later on, but you probably also heard another speaker there.

A researcher named Judy Mikovich, who seems like a very interesting character as well. Talking about some very interesting stuff. Dr. David Martin saying that 80% of people who get COVID will show no symptoms at all. And 80% of people who get the vaccine do have an adverse reaction.

So a quote-unquote vaccine that you don’t need to take that doesn’t stop transmission. That will give you an adverse reaction when you may have otherwise never had one because you didn’t take the vaccine.

Anyway, let’s take a final drink of our good guy, Dr. David Martin. He is a good guy. Take a drink…

…So there he is, Dr. David Martin using my favorite, favorite phrase: follow the money, and yeah, you should follow the money. Of course! And as he said, there isn’t a single conflicted voice on any news channel or media outlet in the mainstream. Why is that? Maybe Fox News was for a moment and then backtracked, maybe OAN or these other right-wing outlets are dabbling, but actually, this stuff should be salaciously covered.

Dr. David Martin isn’t doing a ton of interviews. It doesn’t make any sense. They don’t want to show both sides because the pharmaceutical companies pay the bills- hello! Have you ever watched CNN? I’m in Canada, and I know that when you watch CNN in America, it’s nothing but pharmaceutical advertisements, nothing but.

They recently had a story where people from the UK were watching this interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, where they were calling the queen racist or whatever – who knows what they were talking about. But people were commenting, the number one thing they were commenting on was how many pharmaceutical advertisements are on American programming.

Editor’s note: I’ve been looking into this Sasha Stone character… interesting to say the least. He’s a very spiritual type of guy, which is all cool, but he also has this thing for the 5G conspiracy stuff. I’m not sure I buy into the 5G stuff, but in fairness, I haven’t done a full deep-dive. Full disclosure: I’ll need to talk to Sasha before I can give him my stamp of approval.

📵 Social control

Hello! It’s right under your nose. Follow the money. And if you think that they’ve just captured the mainstream media? Well, you’re mistaken because they’re all over social media as well, paying people to sow disinformation. And of course, I can’t prove that they’re paying people, but I just have to wonder.

For example, there’s this whole outfit called team Halo on Tik TOK, and they’re really just leaning into this stuff. So let’s listen to this one personality named Dr. Kat. See what she has to say about the COVID vaccine fair and balanced. Take a drink:

Doni reacts to Dr. Kat:

Okay. She’s really glossing over this. But let me just reiterate what she said was the vaccine will contribute to poor outcomes. but the report says death. She editorialized on the fly…

Anyhow, Dr. Kat continues… So if the only people who need the vaccine are killed by it, and the only people who can withstand the vaccine fully are people who don’t need it. Follow the money. These big pharma companies want to make their billions of dollars.

But it’s not just shills on Tik TOK that are doing this vaccine shuffle for… Who knows who. But it’s also YouTubers and I found this one interview by a channel called Verataseum interviewing Bill Gates, the mascot in chief of vaccines, but I’ll link to him and this video…

And it’s so funny. If you go and check the video comments, I thought I was talking to a larger group. I think most people already understand this stuff because the comment section is just nothing but a troll and bill Gates! Asking questions and making jokes about why he’s involved in this at all. I have questions as well, but let’s kick it off.

I’m going to clip this guy and this video because he says something just outrageous to me and I want you to listen to that. So let’s take a drink of this Bill Gates, making tons of sense:

Doni reacts to Bill Gates, Vaccine Mascot in Chief:

Bill Gates, would you stop it, please? The first jet engine was invented in 1939. The first vaccine was invented in 1796. Okay. Which technology have we had more time with? I don’t know, bill, I guess it just gets more complicated as the years go by.

That would explain why Windows XP was perfect and it just went downhill from there, eh Bill? Actually, I bet if you charted Bill Gates’ interest in vaccines and public health against the innovations of Windows as an operating system… I think there’s an inverse correlation. As soon as he started paying attention to this public health stuff, the product started to suffer.

Maybe he is a tech expert! Maybe he should pay attention to that a little more than public health!

Their straight talking vaccine puppet Bill Gates… People just see him, that he’s speaking very rationally, very cleanly, very concisely. He’s making eye contact. They don’t question. They don’t think deeply. They just go. Hmm. Yes. I think most people are not even listening at all.

When Bill Gates is speaking, it’s Oh yeah, Bill Gates. Yep.  We got to listen to him. No, you don’t. He’s a creepy guy, in my opinion, there’s something really creepy about him. I don’t know what it is. I don’t want to get religious or whatever. He’s he looks like an apparition. Okay?

I don’t know why he’s not more reticent to take the spotlight. He just seems a little too eager to answer questions when he’s given these platforms. I don’t know. It doesn’t add up. So I’m not going to crack into any crackpot conspiracy theories, but, um, I will leave that as an open question.

🖐️ WTF Bill Gates

What the heck is going on with Bill Gates.

But he had an interview where he talked about how we could have prevented this COVID pandemic from starting in the first place. And I think he actually is right on this. So I want to clip this, cause honestly, it’s fair and balanced over here.

Okay. Bill Gates. I think he might be misinformed, but he does say something correct here. Let’s clip this and let’s listen to let’s take a drink, please:

Doni reacts to Bill Gates on early PCR testing:

So what he’s saying here makes sense because actually, a PCR test at that stage would have prevented it from spreading around, test everyone who came in with a PCR, anyone who had anything in their system, get them into quarantine, and just at the source, stop it. But what happened was these 5 million people fled Wuhan China.

And a lot of people were coming back from China during Chinese New Year because that’s when this thing kicked off really. And they brought it wherever they went and you can take a look at the flight data. People have charted it out, they went all over and that’s where the outbreaks happened.

Potentially a lot of asymptomatic carriers, who come back into the world and their children go to daycares, for example, and intermingle with other kids. Those kids may or may not get severely sick, but they will pass that onto their parents. And anyone who has a young child who goes to daycare will know, my child happens to spit in my mouth all the time.

He’s one and a half years old. He’s not trying to spit in my mouth, but it just happens. And he’s gotten me sick. He’s contracted something and daycare, taken it home, and got me sick. And so if we have all these Chinese families who are trying to quickly set up roots in another community where they have another house, or they’ve got something else, some family there… put the child in daycare, boom, this thing starts spreading.

And remember, these are people who perhaps are already established to we’re going back to China for Chinese new year, which is something that, if you’re Chinese, is normal. My wife is Chinese, her and her family… and even me, I go back with them as well I go back with her and it’s a yearly thing twice a year. They’ll go back to China.

So they went back to China during Chinese New Year, actually that year in early 2020. And we didn’t go because we had a young baby under one year old. So we thought to avoid that flight for this year. But they went, as soon as this thing started heating up, they booked early flights to come back because they didn’t want to be trapped in China.

So I’ve got some insights into this specifically, but they weren’t tested. They were told to quarantine and that’s it. So they did quarantine and they were very good about it. But I can tell you without a single doubt that many did not honor a quarantine coming back from China, whether they were told to or not, and whether they even had the option to do so because you come back and maybe you don’t have a lot of family, maybe you’re just one person.

Maybe they don’t have any friends… it’s possible. How are you going to get your stuff? How are you not going to come into contact with people? At that time, also, people didn’t even know what this was. They didn’t think it was that big of a deal. So that’s how it spread. So bill Gates, give him his due, he got that correct.

If we had those PCR tests in place, dialed them up, and tested everybody coming back from China or probably anybody coming in at all, then we would’ve prevented this thing from really spreading.

And also China and the who did some weird stuff where they didn’t tell everyone fast enough. There were whistleblowers in China and I don’t suspect the dust has settled on that story just yet. So we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for that.

So then Bill, by the way, he’s talking to Anderson Cooper. And then he goes on to talk about the vaccines to take a drink of this…

Bill is talking about this. Like it’s a product rollout with milestones and everything while we’ll release with these features. And then, over the next five years, we’ll be able to scale up and we’ll be able to afford to deliver more features at a lower price.

He’s talking about this like it’s a product – it’s in plain sight! Anderson Cooper is just like a good little Basset hound going. Oh yeah. Yup. Yeah. It’s absurd that nobody has any thoughts or questions about this in the mainstream. I listened to this and I’m utterly creeped out. I can’t be alone, but please let me know how you feel.

Honestly, I have to know: are you feeling creeped out by this guy? Comment, email me, whatever it is, reach out. Let me know. I need to know. Thank you very much.

But let’s continue. But first a little word from our sponsors:

Sorry, just had to give a little wink to our corporate overlords sponsored by Pfizer, HELLO! HELLO ARE YOU IN THERE? Gosh, they are just operating in plain sight, aren’t they? Hey, trust the science cause… Yeah, Pfizer says so. Ridiculous.

Anderson Cooper: You are incredibly rational and believe in science. We are now in an age where there is intense mistrust of science. How does one battle that?

Bill Gates: We have to make the truth more interesting than the over-simplistic conspiracy.

Anderson Cooper: How do you do that?

Bill Gates: There may be some need to slow down the crazy stuff.

Whoa. Oh, okay. So hold on. Let me just rephrase that whole convo right there.

“So Bill, you trust the science because you’re a smart guy. What do you think about all these conspiracy theories?” And then Bill says: there may be a need to slow down the crazy stuff. Meaning shut down the discourse. I’m sorry. If there are different voices than the established narrative, then that means I need to be shut down?

If it’s so crazy, then why can’t you just easily silence it with your correct thoughts instead of silencing it by censoring and quote-unquote, slowing down the crazy stuff.

I don’t know what he means there. Maybe he does mean combating good ideas of bad in the spirit of free speech, but I don’t know. We have to wonder because he doesn’t elaborate.

🇦🇺 Aussie rules

Anyhow, let’s move on. I’m in the early days of this podcast, I spent a lot of time trying to think about how to promote it and what to do about it, and how to get it out there. And it’s a bit of an eerie period because I think when you begin a podcast, you’re actually talking to no one, you’re talking to yourself in a room alone by yourself with a microphone speaking emphatically to nobody.

So it’s a little bit weird. And anyway, the reason I mentioned it is because I don’t really know exactly… I haven’t got a sense of who understands things the way that I am, who is seeing the world the way that I am. I don’t know who exactly is out there that I am resonating with at this precise moment.

So when I hear a clip like this, then it changes my thoughts a little bit, because I think more and more people must be on this tip than just me. This is from the. Australian open and let’s just clip it right now. Cause it’s gosh, darn hilarious. Take a drink:

So there they are, who knew that Australian tennis fans were so rough. I thought this was a gentleman’s game, but anyhow, it should be clear that if Australian tennis fans aren’t into the vaccine, then who actually is? Besides the fear and the grief-stricken people who are subject to the mainstream media onslaught, that is.

I think they’ve ordered more doses in America than there are people. But anyway, as of recording this then in March 2021, they vaccinated a hundred million people. So a third of the American population, roughly, and I don’t know, I just don’t buy it.

👩‍⚕️ Dr. Lee Merritt

We’ll have to wait until the dust settles on this and see what happens. But before that let’s clip another one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Lee Merritt. We heard her before in a previous episode, talking about these different medications that can be used in place of the COVID-19 quote-unquote vaccine.

And she goes on and details her background and why it wouldn’t make any sense for her to lie. Oh, and by the way, this is from a podcast called Two Mikes hosted by Mike Schuler and Colonel Mike. Let’s get into it. Take a drink:

Doni reacts to Dr. Lee Merritt:

Okay. Let’s just get one thing straight. Anyone who’s ripping apart people’s spines and putting them back together again. I think that person probably knows a thing or two about what’s going on in the world and they’re dialed in.

Because that’s important work. You make one wrong cut and you’re killing a person or severely disabling them, as far as I know. Dr. Merritt was also in the Navy. So we can expect that she’s probably privy to some level of information in the past, at least that the general public is not privy to.

So she’s an insider in that sense. But anyway, I just wanted to stop there and highlight those few accolades because. What she says next – it’s a kind of a bombshell and I think people’s natural tendency is to say, Oh this person’s a crackpot. This person’s, whatever.

But I don’t think she is. I think she’s saying things that make so much sense. So let’s have a listen, take a drink…

…Okay. I think the story is very salacious. Indeed. We have a suppression. Perhaps of information. And, actually, I mentioned this before maybe, that I’ve worked inside pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lilly, Merck, MSD, Pfizer, GSK, Allergan, and even more.

I worked in Taiwan as a business consultant and Taiwan, being a country with a national healthcare system, had a lot of pharmaceutical companies over there trying to get in the mix and they were well-established and integrated into society.

They had all local staff and usually they would have a district manager who was from maybe another country… probably like Germany or America or something. And that’s usually how it went.

I’ve been inside these companies and listen, it’s all about making money. I mean, I’ve worked directly with marketing product managers. And we worked on their presentations, who they gave to their superiors and also who they gave to doctors to really condition them to promote the medicine on their behalf.

And that’s how it goes. It happens behind closed doors. People don’t really realize this is how drugs are marketed. In Taiwan, they had a practice where they would basically wine and dine doctors. And, you know, You get people together and you get them drunk. And, depending on where you are in the country in Taiwan, you might order some strippers, you know, in the South, they like to do that kind of stuff. It’s pretty hilarious but This is how they push medicines.

So it’s not just like it’s happening by magic. And when Dr. Lee Merritt talks about how they’ve suppressed this information, that these other types of medications can actually remove the need for vaccines altogether.

Hello. Yeah, because they can make a lot more money off vaccines. Everyone needs to be vaccinated, potentially everyone, at least that’s the line that everyone should be vaccinated for every serious illness. And now they’re trying to add another one into the mix. So what’s really going on. Do we even need the flu vaccine at all?

Do we need any of these vaccines at all? I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I just know it doesn’t make any sense. And I know Dr. Lee Merritt is making a lot of sense, so let’s continue listening to her because honestly, she has a lot more to say still. So let’s take a drink, please. Thank you so much, Dr. Lee Merritt…

…Pretty sinister and serious allegations. Dr. Lee Merritt saying that there is much more going on here than simply a pharmaceutical company money grab. She thinks it’s more nefarious. She thinks you can control populations with fear. She thinks you can attack other countries with viruses and that she thinks that that is what’s taking place.

How far-fetched is that? I’m not so sure. I think it’s equally plausible that this virus came from a lab or was assisted in its growth or development by lab scientists or that it was simply because of these wet markets in China, because, listen I’ve experienced these wet markets firsthand, and I’ve also seen the photographs.

There’s no sanitation there at all. And I think it’s believable to me that this could be a sort of an ecosystem that could really bring about a virus.  Let’s not forget that the flu every year, because of our livestock production, that’s where the flu comes from. Avian flu, swine flu.

They come from our production of these animals, these millions and millions of animals per year create the flu. So why wouldn’t it be that this amped up wet market, which by the way at these livestock production facilities, at least they have some standards in some countries, but these wet markets in China, you just have to experience it first half yourself because words cannot even describe…

That’s I’ll just say that words cannot even describe. If you’re someone who grew up in the West, you’re not used to seeing that kind of situation. It’s nuts. We’re talking dead animals stacked on top of living animals, stacked in the middle of, surrounded by dead animals, barely cages between them blood dripping on other animals, animals eating the dead parts of other animals.

You can’t even imagine.

So I think it’s equally plausible – both. I can’t say yeah, it was an attack. I can’t say it wasn’t the wet markets. And I will not speculate. Okay. So Dr. Lee Merritt is speculating. She’s entitled to that.

🤦 Fauci…

And of course, all this is to say that we shouldn’t be putting so much trust into these characters like Dr. Fauci and speak of the devil. Because Dr. Fauci was recently a guest on an Instagram video with a Mexican comedian slash actor named Eugenio Derbez – it seems like he’s been in a lot of stuff.

Looks legitimate. He’s got a, he’s got an Instagram profile with 15 million followers, quite a number. And he was tapped to do an interview with Dr. Fauci, and I don’t think Fauci expected the kinds of questions that he got. So let’s take a drink:

What a wild exchange that was! The host just continuously asking the same question at the end of it, his brain finally breaks and he’s okay, I don’t think Fauci is going to really answer this, but I’ve got an article right here. Let me read you the headline.

⚖️ Legal immunity

This from CNBC, December 17th, 2020: You can’t Sue Pfizer And Moderna, if you have severe COVID vaccine side effects, the government likely won’t compensate you for damages either.

And here are the key points:

  • Under the prep act companies like Pfizer Moderna have total immunity from liability.
  • If something unintentional goes wrong with their vaccines, a little-known government program provides benefits to people who can prove they suffered serious injury from a vaccine.
  • That program, however, rarely pays covering just 29 claims over the last decade.

Well, the key points pretty much summarize it right

t there. there is a specific act in place, at least in America to prevent companies from having liability. Dr. Fauci was just talking about how it’s very rare to have an adverse effect. And we’ve been doing this for decades now, and we know what we’re doing and, et cetera, et cetera, but…

There’s a little website that I’ll point you to just go to You’ll find the link in the show notes, the transcript, and it is a website called Open VAERS, V. A. E. R. S.

And if you don’t know what VAERS is V. A. E. R. S. It is a vaccine adverse event reporting system put in place in 1990. They say it’s a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% of vaccine injuries. Open VAERS is built from HHS data available for download at

And the Open VAERS project allows browsing and searching of reports without the need to compose an advanced search. And honestly, I went to the website where the VAERS data is available for searching and filtering. And you must have to be some sort of a legitimate data scientist to figure out how to get the information out of this thing.

So what this website has done, Open VAERS, is they have figured out how to basically download and parse the data in a way that’s interpretable in an easy fashion. And by doing that, they have shown a light on just how many adverse effects there are from vaccines, the highlights from their main page:

  • 835,401 records of vaccine injury in VAERS.
  • 10,242 deaths.
  • 80,000 hospitalizations.
  • 31,079  COVID vaccine adverse events reported.

And again, this is from a voluntary reporting system, so they don’t have all the reports, but enough people… hello! 31,000 people have reported that they had an adverse effect. So how rare is that?

That’s 30,000 people and that’s only the tip of the iceberg because most people don’t report anything. So Dr. Fauci is saying, “Hey, listen to me, there are very few adverse effects.” That’s just complete bullshit. There’s so many of them.

🤜 Business bullies

So all this is going on in plain sight, right under our noses. And the disinformation PR campaign has really ratcheted things up and is hoodwinking a lot of people. They’re using fear. They’re using disinformation. They’re using advertising. Using sponsorship. And they’re certainly abusing people’s goodwill and trust and faith and that, to me, is the biggest and most egregious point here.

And well you know what, in other parts of the world, it can get even more twisted. In fact, we’ve got a report from an outlet called WIO News, which spells out how the thugs of Pfizer are bullying the governments of Argentina and Brazil.

Let’s take a drink of this:

Doni reacts to the WIO News report on Pfizer:

Does that sound like gangster behavior to you? Profiteer… that might be putting it lightly. The fact is they have all the supply. You have to comply if you want their vaccines. Now, the anchor, in this case, believes that the vaccine will do something. I don’t believe that, but she’s pointing out that this is a true example of corporate profiteering taking advantage of people when they need help the most.

And despite all this, here’s where we are. They keep ordering more vaccines with the goal of, vaccinating the entire world. And there’s a disturbing kind of press conference that’s starting up and these press events, it looks at they’re trying to sell the people and why not?

They are trying to sell you. mean, You’re paying for it. When the American government puts money into the pockets of big pharma, they’re literally stealing it from your tax contributions. You don’t want the vaccine? That doesn’t matter. You’re still going to pay for it.

Well folks, I’ve been collecting all these clips for the last little while. And documenting everything that I hear on different podcasts and different news reports and from social media, et cetera. And honestly, there is a ton of stuff that I just couldn’t fit in here. And I’m exhausted just putting this together. And   I think this is a pretty compelling case of why we shouldn’t trust the pharmaceutical companies, why public relations is rampant.

Why the pharma companies are in bed with the politicians are in bed with the media are in bed with, even social media. Because if you post anything against the vaccines, you’re blocked, banned, shadowbanned, whatever. And they’re canceling people who are speaking out against the vaccine in any capacity.

I really have to wonder if these companies really stand behind their technology and their product, why is it that they’ll only deal with countries who grant them that legal immunity? Why is the media so one-sided on this? And I think the answers are quite clear. This is a product. This quote-unquote vaccine is a product.

They want to sell it. They want to sell it for years to come. They want to sell it just like they wanted to sell the flu vaccine. And at this point in the pharmaceutical game, for anyone who knows anything about this business, it is difficult to come up with new medicines. And with this vaccine, quote-unquote, not only were they funded almost wholly by the government and other private interests, but they have no legal liability if it fails or causes all sorts of problems.

So… I think we have a case where these companies are opportunists. I don’t know if there’s anything more nefarious than that. We can’t really prove it. I think for me, it’s very salacious, even just the stuff on the surface and by the way, all of this stuff that I have clipped for you today and presented here today is all on the surface.

None of this is conspiracy theory stuff. Go to my website, Take a gander. See what you find. Check the links. I’m not hiding anything. This ain’t no QAnon spin zone. Okay.

And folks, I really want to finish this episode, but late-breaking news, as I wrap it up, the AstraZeneca vaccine is being banned by several countries, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway, all because they suspect there’s a link between the vaccine and blood clots.

And honestly, I’m not even sure if that’s true. There’s been a few people who have blood clots and I haven’t done a full investigation, but from what I can tell, it’s actually a dramatically lower number of people getting blood clots from the vaccine than would normally get blood clots in the general population.

Could this be a PR hit piece against AstraZeneca? We’ve seen how Pfizer behaves with governments of legitimate countries. What else could they do?

So with that, I bid you adieu, godspeed, good luck, and I hope you’re doing well. Take it easy.

🎵 Outro song

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