Covid Shaming

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It’s official: my podcast is all Covid all the time. But with all the Covid-19 nonsense, I cannot help it. The lies, the shaming, the media manipulation, and the PR spin are all too crazy to ignore. They are trying to ram this vaccine down our throats. I just have to ask why?

Why is the pressure to vaccinate and mask up so overwhelming? This is especially confusing given that this virus doesn’t affect most people, and doesn’t kill most people who get symptoms under the age of 50. So why are politicians and health experts pushing this so hard? Join me as I explore the Covid conundrum once again!

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Episode Media & Links

Fauci vs Rand Paul: senate hearing on masks wearing until 2022:

Dr. Lee Merritt presentation on masks and how they don’t work like we think they do:

And Dr. Lee Merritt again on the societal repercussions of wearing masks all the time:

Speaking out against masking and the lockdowns? You’ll be fired by the Vancouver Canucks anthem singer was.

Fired for not wearing a mask at Costco:

Kicked out of Costco for not wearing a mask (keep watching the video for some completely bogus stats on mask-wearing):

Don’t want to wear a mask? It must be because you are a dirty awful man:

The Aussies are spending 24 million on ads to convince ppl to take the vax:

If you thought the people virtue signaling with their masked headshots was bad… In the UK, they’ve got a little strategy to get you to post about your vaccine plans on social media.

Fake research by Ipsos to pump the vaccine in Canada.

Wow! Now pregnant and lactating women can get the covid “vaccine” TOTALLY SAFE.

Israel vaccine passport:

Bring on the restrictions: Covid passports: What are different countries planning?

Essentially all cruise lines will require the vaccine: These Are the Cruise Lines Requiring a Vaccine So Far

March Madness is going mad for a totally different reason as Covid hysteria dunks on the world:

Canadian Covid hotels: this BS started on Feb 22 and will supposedly end on April 21. Let’s wait and see, shall we?

Going for a holiday? Think again, UK.

Planning a New York wedding? Don’t bother.

Want to take an experimental treatment and be a guinea pig so big pharma can profit? A free donut seems like a fair trade.

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