Covid Defiance

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Keeping the Covid hits coming again and again. Before you get the jab, think about it from the perspective of somebody who obsesses over these things like a madman! We’re seeing more and more lockdown protests and acts of defiance that the media loves to ignore or spin as negative.

In this episode, I’ll remind you how big pharma operates and why they play a major role in the mass hysteria still griping most of the world. I’ll also ask the question: why is there such a big media, government, and celebrity push for the Covid “vaccines”? Even as I write this, more insanity is emerging. I’ll get another episode done when my voice returns.

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Draconian Covid lockdowns? Restaurant owners in Vancouver, Canada are fighting back chanting, “GET OUT! GET OUT!” to quote-unquote health inspectors.

Who says Canadians are always polite? Violent protests are taking place all over Canada. The media is calling it lockdown fatigue. People in Alberta and Montreal are calling it a threat to their survival and freedom. When will the lockdowns end?

You can’t go to church. But you can continue to worship at the altar of Walmart, Amazon, and Whole Foods!

Protests across Europe… This is what happens when you deprive the people of the only thing keeping them sane: beer drinking festivals.

The Pfizer vaccine is proven to be 100% effective in kids age 12 – 15. Small caveat… they only tested on kids who were locked down and not exposed to the virus in any way. But yea, trust the experts and trust the science for sure!

Don’t forget how big pharma operates. How quickly people forget… when they are taking 20+ pills a day #conspiracy

Pfizer’s ongoing study finds its Covid vaccine protects you for up to 6 monthsBut Pfizer’s CEO set the record straight a couple of weeks later: you’ll need a third dose before the end of the year. I guess that one is on the house?

What’s a Covid vaccine challenge trial? It’s something you need when the approved big pharma Covid vaccine trials look like they were designed by children.

It’s your moral obligation to get the Covid vaccine… according to two senile old men: Joe Biden & the Pope.

Don’t end the lockdowns! If you do, there will be no reason to get the vaccine… that makes sense… wait does that make sense?

Human Potato Head doll Brian Stelter shows what happens when hall monitors grow up. Actually, I thought he was great in Toy Story 3.

Vaccine passports are now being talked about in the United States. Luckily, not everyone agrees that signing away your rights and giving away your medical data is a good idea.

The CDC has updated their Covid-19 vaccine guidance. Sounds a lot more like a list of freedoms you’ll be granted after getting the vax. Cool.

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