Vaccine Peer Pressure

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Have you got the Covid jab? You might want to think twice about that. And it’s not me saying that. It’s practicing doctors. And by the way, Anthony Fauci is not a practicing doctor. He is a professional politician telling you to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

In fact, both Fauci and President Biden agree, even kids should get the vaccine… does that make sense? Healthy young people, which have no danger from this disease, are being peer pressured by state-sponsored, pharma-fueled propaganda. But it’s not just kids getting pressured, it’s republicans, evangelicals, and people of all colors too! Stay strong.

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Biden says that everyone older than 16 needs to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their grandparents. But the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting sick, and the virus doesn’t kill young people… and what’s the problem, presuming all grandparents are vaccinated themselves? I guess we should just be thankful Joe was able to complete a sentence. Good one Joe!

You can still get Covid even if you are vaccinated. This is not just some BS that people say, it’s a legitimate fact. It is happening a lot, even human bobblehead Jacinda Arden has to explain it. She speaks in this clip for just over a minute, giving me about enough of her for a few lifetimes at least.

Don’t wanna get the vaccine? You might be a redneck. I mean a republican.

Hey US taxpayers! Got $3 Billion dollars? Biden wants to use it to convince people to take the vaccine. That’s government-paid advertising for pharmaceutical products! Nice one Pfizer!

Roll up your sleeves! An NBC vaccine informercial presented by WALGREENS. Ladies and gentlemen, they think you are all complete idiots. Watch this circus act here.

Trust the CDC! Another update letting us know what we are allowed to do… only when you are fully vaccinated though. Special thanks to our scientific overlords. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to interpret any of the fake numbers. Praise be to science!

Are your freedoms coming back? Only if you’ve been vaccinated… and only if you aren’t under the age of 16. Doesn’t matter, kids are oppressed by their parents anyway – what’s the harm in being oppressed by the government as well?

Trust the science? Then listen to this doctor who blew the whistle on Covid vaccines after several of his patients suffered neurological side effects that they may never recover from. Still want to get the jab?

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