Canadian Covid Hysteria

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Many people consider Canada to be a progressive country. But when it comes to their Covid response, the officials in Canada are dead set on becoming totalitarian. Prime Minister Trudeau is pushing to make this year a “one-dose summer” – all in a country where Covid deaths are under 30,000 since the pandemic began in January 2020.

In this episode, we look at the Canadian experts and politicians who are lying about the statistics, vaccine safety, and the danger of Covid in general. Why they are lying is a bit more mysterious, but as you’ll hear, they get caught again and again.

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According to the propaganda wing of the Canadian government, IPSOS, the majority of Canadians support vaccine passports. Ask yourself this: have you ever once responded to a survey?

Trudeau says Vaccine Passports are totally a normal thing! Everybody is doing it, what’s the problem? Oh, unless you don’t want to give up your rights and take an experimental, unproven vaccine… forgot about that.

Are you ready for a one-dose summer?! Time to let loose and shake your caboose – all you need is that sweet vax juice!

Doug Ford, the premiere of Ontario, Canada, is going DOOR TO DOOR! With the vaccine where he says he’s going to pull people into the street and vaccinate them… are we doing okay?

When the experts talk, Doug Ford listens. Or is it the other way around… what??!

Canada sets a world record! Kids aged 12 and up can now get the experimental Covid vaccine! And they’re even planning on giving it out in schools.

Covid advisory doctor in Canada, Andrew Morris, says it’s time to stop giving the AstraZeneca vaccine to anybody under the age of 40.

Not sure which government advice to follow when it comes to vaccines in Canada? Just ask your doctor, dummy!

Remember this though, your doctor is only allowed to say what their governing bodies allow them to say. Oh, Canada!






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