Is Covid Over?

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Wow! America is opening up. I guess they needed to prove that the vaccines work. Besides, what else could they do? People are either not complying with the CDC guidance, or criticizing them for mishandling every aspect of the Covid situation.

Canada, despite being America’s hat, has not got the memo. They’ll only open up once 75% of the country has been vaccinated. With 25k deaths over the last 2 years, you’re still more likely to die in a car accident than from Covid.

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The CDC announced that you don’t need to wear a mask anymore if you’ve been vaccinated. The reason? Oh my gosh! The science says so! Praise science!

Dr. Bowtie Hotez proves yet again there are competing realities when it comes to Covid-19: the actual reality… and the one peddled by shills like him.

Starbucks, Walmart, & other businesses in America are dropping mask restrictions for vaccinated people. Listen to this thrilling report where they don’t even talk about it.

Ever heard of “relative risk reduction”? It’s the vaccine efficacy metric that you would covid-19 vaccine manufacturers would rather keep you in the dark about. Probably because the vax only gives you a reduced risk of 1.5%… worth it?

The world’s most vaccinated country, Seychelles, is in lockdown. Are we having any thoughts about how well this experimental vaccine works?

America is opening as of May 2021. Canada? Committed to staying locked down until at least 75% of the population is vaxxed up. I guess that means we’ll be locked down forever. Bye bye world!

Get vaxxed or die trying! That’s the message in Canada. 1970’s Soviet Union is looking preferable to this garbage country.

In Canada, health officials have given 12-year-olds the right to vaccinate themselves WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. If this isn’t proof that our leaders are completely inept, then what is?

The flu kills an average of 40,000 Americans every year… according to the CDC. But this past year only 600 died from the flu. The main reason? All the covid lockdowns, masking, and social distancing. If you believe that, you might be dumber than a 5th grader.

The so-called experts at the CDC predicted 2020 would be the worst flu season in over 10 years. But only 600 people died in America. I guess being completely wrong on that was just laying the groundwork for the coming year?

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